Hawaii’s Big Island Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

Hawaii’s Big Island, also called the Island of Hawaii, the Big Island or Hawaii Island, which comprises Hawaii County and the Hilo, …

Tectonic swerve responsible for creation of Hawaiian islands

Hawaii was born in fire and eruption and today boasts the biggest and most active volcanoes in the world – a fact that has long puzzled geologists.

The islands – which together comprise 20 extinct or active volcanoes – are situated well away from tectonic plate boundaries, the moving stress zones that typically produce volcanism.


Earth Day

This Earth Day join The Kohala Center for a day of giving back to our island planet. Choose from six different volunteer projects in Kohala, Waimea, Honoka‘a, Pelekane, Kealakehe, or Kahalu‘u. Space is limited, so please sign up in advance at koha.la/earthday. Bring your ‘ohana, friends, and neighbors!

Volcano Lava Lake Nears Overflow



Hawai‘i’s fresh water supply

It may seem like we have an endless supply of water here in Hawai‘i. Windward areas of some islands receive 120 to more than 200 inches of rain a year on average—considerably more than the “rainy city” of Seattle, which receives less than 40 inches per year. Population growth, changing land-use demands, deforestation, and climate change, however, pose significant threats to our water supply and even to rainfall itself. Fortunately there are many simple steps individuals and communities can take to save and protect water for Hawai‘i’s future. Read more here

Kilauea lava lake reaches highest level in more than a year

Lava rose to within 16 to 20 feet of the crater floor at Halemaumau this morning, the highest levels in more than a year.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory posted photos and a video taken Wednesday night that showed the lava lake at Kilauea reaching a level of 26 feet below the crater floor. The lake is easily visible from the Jaggar Museum overlook. Meanwhile, lava continues entering the ocean from Puu Oo vent in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Model of Earth’s interior explains why Hawaii isn’t someplace else

Model of Earth’s interior explains why Hawaii isn’t someplace else | Ars Technica

Rather than blaming it on the tectonic plate, look about 2,000 kilometers below.

The linear chains of islands running across the Pacific Ocean aren’t improbable coincidences of orderliness—they’re the product of hot towers of mantle rock punching volcanic holes ….. Read more


Never before seen life spotted by Hawaiian deep-sea expedition

Eight dives into the deep waters of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument of north-west Hawaii have resulted in thousands of samples and images of never-before-seen life and land forms. It was almost twice as deep as any other high density community in the region,” says Dan Wagner, the biology science lead for this year’s NOAA expedition, part of a three-year project to look at… Read more here


UH launches campaign to revive Hawaii’s Ohia tree population

Pro surfer Billy Kemper wins Peahi Challenge

Shallow Hal Star Joshua Shintani Dies

Shallow Hal Star Joshua Shintani Dies at 32


MacKenzie State Park and Recreation Area

Vacation Rentals In South Kohala

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Hawaii Flower Calendars
Hawaii Calendars

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Hawaii Island Online Directory

Hawaii Island Online Directory
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