VIDEO: Kona Ocean View to get water, land use scrutiny

November 17, 2010 – KONA, Hawaii

Video by David Corrigan | Voice of Tim Bryan

All council committees handled their business on time and with shortened debate yesterday.

Amoung the items of interest:

The acceptance of the 2010 update of the county Emergency Operations and Hazard Mitigation Plan documents, known as the EOP and HMP respectively… both outlining the procedures in the event of a disaster.

The document was last updated in 1989 and is required to ensure Hawaii County is eligible for federal grants and disaster relief funding.

Also, Public Works and Intergovernmental Relations gave the thumbs up to the installation of a dedicable water delivery system for Kona Ocean View subdivision. Water Supply Manager Milton Pavao was on hand to explain the process.

A grateful group of Kona Ocean View residents was also on hand to applaud the decision.

And a new controversy is brewing… Kona resident Chuck Flaherty testified on what he says is an illegal attempt at a land use reclassification for a development near Pualani Estates.

A vote on those ordinances was postponed.

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